Monday, July 5, 2010

Whyte Avenue Art Walk Edmonton July 16 -18th

   On July 16th to 18th I will be participating in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk held in Edmonton. I will be located in front of Laurel's flower shop. Here is a map of the event, I am located in the section marked 'D'  Map. There will be hundreds of local artists working in various mediums on site and selling their art all along Whyte Ave.
   I am thinking of it as a cleansing of my studio. I will be bringing all of my work that I have for sale. Almost everything piece on my blog will be there. I will even have some early work that was created before the start of my blog. Some of the better stuff from my University days will inevitably show up too, the stuff that was too good to paint over or turn into hand bags. The above photo is a bit of the mix of paintings that will be going to the art walk with me. I am getting them sorted and organized for the event.
   I will be painting on site as well. If you want to come and meet me and my paintings I encourage you to come and check it out. Trust me art is better in person than on a computer screen.
   I went to the art walk last year and I was truly amazed in the variety of art. Many of my artist friends will be there I can't wait to go. Good friends, usually good weather, and so much fabulous art it will blow your mind!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Your paintings are wonderful. Best wishes for a great weekend with fabulous weather and nothing to bring home ;)