Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Whyte Avenue Art Walk

   The above photos are from this past weekends adventurous artist experience. It was hard work but the Whyte Avenue Art Walk was a great success. I may be complaining about how sore and tired I am right now, but make no mistake I will be back next year. A little more prepared with some working minions and a little better display. I learned a lot during the art walk about myself and about others.
   I must send out my deepest thanks to my wonderful parents who took in my kids for more than just 'the weekend' like I had told them, to my amazing man that in one evening took on building my display and tackled all the framing as well as keeping the kids occupied while I worked at getting ready, to my great family and friends who came to visit and encourage me especially those that held down the fort while I used the facilities. Also, a large thanks to the wonderful ladies that run the most beautiful flower shop Laurel's On Whyte, who were so gracious, kind, and helpful. It was the most beautiful place to be, outside Laurel's with all the luscious flower pots and flower garden smells wafting from inside. The support that I have received from everyone overwhelms me, almost to tears (probably because I am exhausted).
   I had lots of fun. Even though I am a small town girl, the crowd was great and everyones response to my work was extremely encouraging. When going through all the photos I have of the Art Walk I notice all the people looking at my work. Some passers by take a closer look but even those just trying to get through the crowds get distracted by it. To be on Whyte Ave, with all there is to look at and all the odd things and people going on it is a small feat to catch someones attention. I was able to see so many things and now have so many quirky stories to tell my friends. For instance, there was this one, very attractive confident young woman in a fabulous sun dress (I was envious of) that, as she walked by, I noticed and so did many others that her bags over her shoulders had got intangled with her dress revealing her whole backside and very sensible clean cotton undies. No wonder she was so happy during a sun skorching day, she had a wonderful breeze going on.
   I like that my work is achieving my goal, which is to get people to look. It really fuels the fire. Even today, though tired, I wanted to paint.
   I will be posting the painting that I completed during the Art Walk and the self-portrait that I finished just before and haven't had a chance to post yet. You may notice them in the photos: the blue car mirror painting and the larger one with the black dress.
   This past weekend not only makes me want to paint but it also gave me a greater shove to start showing my work more often. I am amazed at how many paintings I have laying around. If you are interested in purchasing my work please email me.
Life is Beautiful. Light in Life, both in people and our surroundings, inspire me.


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