Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Grower's Bottle

Green Grower's Bottle
June 7, 2010
10" x 8"
Acrylic on Canvas
$175.00 CAN

   Some of you may have noticed the dates on the last few paintings are close together or the same date. On June 7th I went into a painting frenzy. It was awesome! I finished two paintings and completed another two from start to finish. Then the next day I started a new one.
If my arms didn't start to feel like they were going to fall off  I probably would not have been able to stop myself. The shoe and the bottle were painted in Acrylic because I needed a fast drying time. I was working so ridiculously fast that I needed it to dry asap. I even had a fan blowing to help the paint dry in time to keep up to my creative whims.
   Painting the glass of this bottle was challenging but fun. It makes me want to do more. 
   Green Grower's Bottle seems to be a good representation of the season right now. Early Summer, so fresh and green. After a hot day out on the deck, a couple of my sisters came over, one with a box of Granny Smith Apple Grower's under her arm. We leaned back in chairs and chatted about life. We laughed, we cried, we were thankful for each other. This bottle is one of a few that's left over. The remnants of some treasured moments.

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