Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspired Art Studio Fall Session

At Inspired Art Studio we are dedicated to providing a positive and encouraging environment for creativity to flourish in our community. We provide a high standard of art education for all ages and skill levels. We not only support and cheer on our students but also our instructors. We are here to inspire creativity in life.

Inspired Art Studio
I am very pleased to announce that Inspired Art Studio is finally open! The studio is open from 12-9pm Monday to Saturday. We offer weekly classes for all ages, workshops, model and artist sessions, and art supply sales.
Here is our website where you can find the list of courses offered, info on our instructors, and upcoming events at . We will be at the Tri-Leisure Centre Registration Night this Thursday the 25th from 6-9pm.  Inspired Art Studio will also have a Registration and Open House this Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th from 12-7pm where you can come and check out the studio/classroom, register for classes, meet our instructors, and even try your hand at painting.
If you have any inquiries please contact me at [email protected]  

A bit about Inspired Art Studio...
   The Inspired Art Studio was just a sparkle of an idea that started fleeting around my brain when I was graduating from University.  In University I started to tutor and instruct private art classes and workshops. People were continuously asking if I would teach them how to draw, paint, or teach kids art projects.  Then things spread by word of mouth. People seemed to enjoy my teaching style and projects/curriculum. I kept getting offers to instruct and things seemed to fall into my lap. I truly enjoyed instructing and it helped me understand and develop my work even further. The creative energy that would surround me while instructing would propel and inspire my own work habits. This lead to instructing and giving demos for the past 10 years along with creating and selling my own work. The sparkle of the Inspired Art Studio then turned into a dream.
   A few years ago I bought a house in Stony Plain (30min west of Edmonton). It is where I grew up and in a town that I love. I bought this house for it's location and for the basement which I turned into a studio and classroom. At first I just taught a few classes here and there when ever requested. I also have a portion of it that is designated as my own working studio area. I started getting models in as well and inviting other local artists to join me in order to share the cost of a model. I started artist sessions because it gets to be a bit lonely and daunting when you are the only one you know in the area that is painting and it's hard to work without some sort of critique or input. I found it more cost effective to teach out of my home as well. It is extremely expensive to rent space in Parkland County.
   Soon, I found that every week I was getting calls or emails requesting art classes. I looked at my community and saw that there was very little offered in the way of art education. There are a couple of craft workshops offered here and there but there is no real weekly on-going fine art education, let alone classes that use the history of art and design. I see a need in our community and I am more than honored to fill it. One of my main problems and concerns is that I have small children and even if I was single and lonely there was no way that I could teach all the classes that this community needs without getting very burnt out. So I have come across some wonderful instructors over the years that are very passionate at what they do. I couldn't do it without them. They have education and/or fine art and design degrees and are artists themselves. So this fall Judy Smallwood and Ashley Hout, two very talented and creative ladies, will be joining me in instructing.
I hope you can attend our Open House and celebrate my dream come true!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years.