Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Info on: Alberta Arts Days and Update on Classes

I went to take a photo of the current painting I am working on as a bit of a teaser in the hopes of sparking your interest to come and see me at the Alberta Arts Day. It is this Saturday September 19th from 10am -4pm. I will be painting and showing my work at Shikaoi Park, Stony Plain (next to the town hall). Hope you can come.
Now the photo, as you can see it is not here. My camera died right when I went to take a picture. Ugh! How convenient. Well, it is big. 5feet big. I am hoping to impress you, and I really like to paint big. I usually need a good excuse to paint this big because it is very costly.
I am slowly getting back into figurative painting. It is like my long lost friend that I didn't even realise we had lost touch. We had just grown apart. I have done so many still lifes it makes my head spin, especially when I look at them. I like still life but I am ready for other things, on and up! With still life I keep up my skills but it is people that truly intrigue me.
I have been meeting many interesting people in my work as a painter and instructor. I have had two classes that have already started that are full of wonderful characters. Teaching reminds me of why I love art. It's my passion. Yes, today I got so excited while teaching color theory! To see someone figure out complementary colors of why that one orange blob is popping out at them off a blue page. It is a fabulous thing when I can show someone how to create something that is itching inside them to get out. It is similar to teaching a child how to write their name. You've taught them a tool that they will use for the rest of their life. Well, if they care why orange pops off a blue page? Yes I realize that not everyone cares about those things, but most of the people who take art classes want to know that kind of stuff.
There is still time to register for art classes, if there are any classes that are full please email me letting me know which class you wanted to take. I will gladly create a second class at a different time to accommodate those who want to take a class that is full. Please note that I rescheduled the Drawing and Painting fundamentals class.
I am so glad it is September. Art classes, art festivities, and upcoming art shows! I can smell the paint in the air!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The smell of oil paint is my favorite smell. Hope you have a great weekend at the paint out and look forward to seeing your huge painting!

Deltra Powney said...

Hope the weather is great for the event! Might see you there if I am brave to come out and move around!