Sunday, August 30, 2009

Studio Open House and Plein Air Paintings

Studio Open House
Thursday, September 3rd from 4pm - 8pm
Saturday, September 5th from 10am - 4pm
email me for directions : [email protected]
Come and have refreshments, check out my latest work, and the classroom.
I will have course information and take registrations as well.
Hope to see you there!
In the Garden
August 12, 2009
10" x 12"
Oil on Canvas
Friendly Daisy
August 14, 2009
7" x 7"
Oil on board

Revolving Sky
18" x 24"
August 14, 2009
Oil on board
$325.00 CAN

I have so much to say about these paintings. I hope you can come to the Studio Open House and I can tell you all about them.
They are all plein air paintings (painted from life, outside). I really enjoyed doing them, and I think they show it. I absolutely love the 'In the Garden', it was such a challenge.
I was at my parents house in my mother's fabulous flower garden. Despite the harsh growing season this year and terrible storms her flower garden has really flourished. It is truly amazing. It was so inspiring that I had to go out and paint. I was waiting for someone to drop something off for me so I decided since I had some time I would step out and paint until they arrived. Well, I dived into this painting. It was challenging and frustrating at times. I normally don't paint too many floral paintings because I don't want them to fall into the typical category of decor floral painting, which is a very slippery slope. I don't want it to look like a cheap print floral painting that you can get at ikea (don't get me wrong, I love ikea). I wasn't quite sure if it was turning into a good or bad painting, I was immersed in the process and the beauty. Sometimes I get into the creative 'zone' and it is hard to get out of it until the work is done, or I am done. When I was finished I packed up my stuff and went inside. Inside, there was a note posted on the door: "I dropped off the papers and I just couldn't disturb you". I talked to the Note Poster later and he said that I looked just too peaceful. He stood at the window watching me for a while, painting like a mad woman. He had never seen me paint before, I think he was impressed. Most of my family and friends have seen me paint several times, it is nothing new to them. It was a good little pat on the back seeing someone impressed by what I do. It makes me feel like what I do is important. I like to think that I contribute to the world in someway, even if it is in a small way. To other painters out there, I do recommend that you do a demo for an audience, it is the best self-esteem booster. There are not many artists, let alone painters out there. Make what you do important, even if it is in a small way, or only reaches one person.

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