Monday, November 11, 2013

Self Portraits in the AGA Art Rental's & Sales Collection
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Rentals & Sales
   I am honored to have the pleasure to ecstatically announce that you can now find my work at the Art Gallery of Alberta in their Art Rental & Sales collection.
  What excites me further is the gallery has chosen to include three of my self portraits in their collection, which clearly demonstrates their forward thinking. It is also encouraging for a figurative artist to be asked to be apart of a collection, who for the longest time, in my opinion, has focused and championed abstract and landscape work.
   My self portraits have been a continuous subject that I am constantly turning to throughout my career. I tell everyone, I'm a cheap model, though it is more complicated than that. It serves as a visual diary documentation of my progress as an artist. I can push my self portraits trying new techniques and focusing on honing particular skills during their creation. I learn so much about painting, the human figure as a multi layered dynamic subject, and about myself when painting self portraits. I estimate that I have created over 1,000 self portrait paintings and drawings to date. (I plan to soon hire someone to take stock of exactly how many as I'd rather be painting then counting and cataloguing them).
  Thank you to all those that believe and find value in what I do. I am continuously working hard to further my career not only for myself but for all my supporters and patrons so their investments made in my career are fruitful and beneficial demonstrating their importance in my success.

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Louis Pereira said...

Congratulations Daphne! That's great news!