Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Classes Come and Go

Photos from: Oil Painting, Simple Beauty in Everyday Life Class

I haven't posted in a while. Which may be a good thing because that means that I have been busy. I will have to catch up on my postings.

The above images are of a class I taught at the Allied Arts Council this past winter/spring. The students were such a pleasure to teach and they were continuously surprising me. I would get inspired and pumped up from the class, then I would often go home itching to paint.

I have scheduled only two workshops for this spring/summer. I am like everyone else and wish to spend more of my time outside enjoying the few months of warm weather than being inside and thinking and dreaming about being outside. So, I am going to try and appease both drives of wanting to paint and wanting to be outside by teaching a Plein Air Workshop on May 16th. We will spend half the day outside Stony Plain painting the beautiful fields and the other half down town Stony Plain painting scenes of this historical town. I am scheduling to start up regular classes, workshops, and artist sessions with a big bang in September. I am already planning it now, and I may need all summer to get the courses planned. Not only am I going to be teaching adults but I will be teaching teens and tweens.

If anyone is interested in workshops this month or future classes or if you wished to be on my emailing list to be informed/reminded of upcoming courses, workshops, or artist sessions, please email me: [email protected].

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