Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Session Open House and Registration Weekend

Spring Session is Here!
I invite everyone who is interested to attend my Open House and Registration Weekend. It will be held on two Friday nights starting at 6pm:
on March 20th and on March 27th
On those dates you can stop by and get the Spring Session brochure and register for classes, workshops, and artist sessions. I will have my artwork on display and there will be coffee tea and goodies. It is also a good chance to check out the studio/classroom. Whether you are interested in learning about drawing or painting, an artist looking for an outlet to paint with other artists or with live models, or if you are simply interested in my work I hope you can attend. Please contact me if you are interested in attending and I will send you send you information and directions to the studio.
Info on all courses are posted on my blog on the right side of your screen, you may have to scroll down. Please note that there are still workshops and artist sessions happening in March and April that are not completely full.

The March 20th date is also the Artist Working Side by Side night, so you can come and see what those artist sessions entail, or if you choose you can participate. They are open to every skill level, it is just a set time and place for people to get together and work on their personal art projects. It is a great way to meet other artists and to see what other's are working on. Come in and feel the buzz of creative energy.

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