Thursday, February 19, 2009

No.1 Night Time Conversations

(Untitled painting no.1) from Series: Night Time Conversations
February 17, 2009
30" x 60"
Oil on Canvas
I wanted to create this painting for quite a long time. A dear friend of mine sent me a very inspiring photograph which has kicked off a whole series of paintings that I am currently working on. This is the first one of the series and as for now it remains untitled. My goal was to give a sense of being out on a walk. As it is of a night scene I assume you are walking with someone. Maybe this scene sparks a deep conversation between you. Even if you are by yourself maybe it will spark an internal conversation within. I find that most of my deep, inspiring, and life changing conversations happen at night. Though it may not be as effective on your computer screen it is quite effective if you are standing in front of the original painting. This is mostly because of it's size, standing at 5 feet tall. I must also thank my two youngest sisters for their helpful criticism that lead to the completion of this painting.
A reminder that my Paint from Photos Workshop is this Saturday the 21st from 10am-4pm. The cost is $35.00 and I have 2-3 spaces left. It is open to beginner and intermediate skill levels. There will be lots of one on one instruction. Maybe the above painting, that was painted from photographic reference material, will inspire you to try your hand at it.