Monday, November 17, 2008

First Model Session in New Classroom Studio!

(Untitled so far, have any ideas?)
November 12, 2008
16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas
I am not quite sure what to call this one. There is a lot going on in this painting especially in the figures facial expression and in the pose. Look at how he is holding his arms around himself. What kind of emotions does this communicate to you? I am a little torn as to what is really going on in this one. This model is new to modeling, but at the same time he is a natural at it, and his features are fantastic to paint. Especially his facial features. I will have to get him a bit seasoned but I am definitely going to use him as a regular model for myself and for my classes, when he is available.

In His Element: Man in Underwear on Couch
November 12, 2008
16" x 12"
Oil on Board
This is more of a sketch. It was done in about 30min. The brush strokes are really telling of this as they are choppy. This is neither positive or negative, it is what it is. I did it before the painting at the top of this post and I realized the importance of the background colors. These ones really didn't reflect the models character at all. It is too harsh for this model. All though he may at first meeting come across as straight forward and comments abruptly, he has something else going on underneath, an underlying softness and naivete that seems quite vulnerable.
I will be having more Open Model Sessions for artists to get a chance to work from a model (please note this is without instruction, just artists working side by side from a model, though I will be teaching model classes and workshops in the new year). The next model session will either be Monday night Dec.1st or Tuesday night Dec.2nd, I haven't finalized it yet, I will post the final date as soon as I hear back from my models. It's an incredibly fun time, artists, a model, art, and usually a snack break. If you are interested please contact me: [email protected] .

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