Sunday, October 26, 2008

Estranged and Reconciled Mental Cans

Reconciled Mental Cans
October, 25, 2008
9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Oil on Board

Estranged Mental Cans

October 25, 2008

12" x 9"

Oil on Board

On Saturday I had an 'Studio Christening' to kick off the opening of my new home studio and classroom space. I had a group of fellow artist come over and fill the new space full of creative energy. We painted, we ate, and we talked about art. It was fantastic! The space really proved what it is capable of. The space can hold more people than I thought, which is excellent. So, thank you to all of those that attended.

Everyone had some great ideas that really got me thinking. Everyone has mentioned that they would like to do this again. Maybe I should have an artist drop in night? Also, I have now found connections to start up model sessions. They would be open to everyone. I maybe able to start up a figurative class as well. I think the space would really lend to that and it would be a great opportunity for local artists and art students since I have not found any model sessions or figurative classes available in my community. So, anyone interested in figurative model work or figurative classes, please contact me. As well, any artist who would like to attend a drop in night where you could meet other artist and get advice, tips, or just enjoy the environment of other working artists, please contact me. I would like to put a few sessions together for November and create a Calendar for regular artist sessions, classes, and workshops, starting in January, that is if people show an interest. So, contact me and show some interest!

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