Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Artist's Studio

Since the Studio Show and Sale in October I have been finding time to paint almost everyday. Honestly, even I am amazed. I don't foresee myself slowing down either. I feel like I have been given a really fast car that runs on air and I want to stick my head out of the window and scream WooooHoooo! I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I am extremely grateful that my significant other has supported me, encouraged me, and has sternly told me that I must pursue my career as an artist/painter. Without him I wouldn't be able to focus or be on the successful path that I am on now with my work. He has given me the push and shove that I needed. I get a rush and a grin that must make people think I'm crazy when they ask me what my profession is and I get to say "I am a professional artist". When I was a child and I didn't really know you could draw or paint pictures for a living (and most adults currently don't think it's possible either), I would say that I wanted to be a professional chocolate taster by day and an aerobics instructor by night. My life has turned out close to that. I do have a bite of dark chocolate with my tea when I am on a break from painting and I think I get the same high from the act of painting as I would off of eating chocolate for a living. Then I get to chase and play with my children, which in my opinion, is similar, if not equivalent to aerobics.

I finished a self portrait last month and I am currently working on two large paintings both of a reclining female figure, with two more paintings lined up and I am eager to start their under paintings.

I have included the photo of my studio as a bit of a gift. I have recently watched two wonderful films about practicing artists. Beauty is Embarrassing, about Wayne White. The other, Gerhard Richter Painting. Both were very different and fantastic. If you get a chance to rent either, please do. If anything you get a really good look into their studios and how they work. There were things in both films that seemed to tell me that I am on the right path, which is always encouraging. Not often do we get to see a painters studio, or a painter working in one. There are not many professional painters in the world. Also, a painters studio is often their most private space where they create a den or cave that they work the best in. It reflects a lot about an artists inner most being. I've seen studios that are  spotless and meticulously organized with labels on everything. Then there are studios (such as the late Lucien Freud's) that are beyond a health and safety concern. So here is mine, read into it what you will.

Daphne Cote's Studio
A view from standing in front of my desk.

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