Friday, October 18, 2013

Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts
October 2013
36" x  36"
Oil on Canvas
 I have been working for the past month on this painting entitled Positive Thoughts. I must say that these are the best eyeballs and hand I have ever accomplished. I learned so much from the process of creating this painting. At the risk of sounding like a parrot, I must say that I really enjoy that I will never know everything that there is to know about painting. Just when I figure out something then another painting comes along to disprove or push my thoughts on what I thought was true about painting. There is never a rule that sticks and it is often about breaking rules and pushing things to the limit. Painting is also about paying attention. In the past I really focused on looking intensely at my subject matter and now  I am also looking deeply into what my paint is doing. Instead of creating colors or brushstrokes that are "close enough", I am pushing myself to be patient enough to get the exact color and brush stroke I want and finding balance between energetic and loose painting techniques with more deliberate and planned responses in choices when painting. I am slowly learning that with every life experience it is always more successful and fore filling with an attitude of patience and balance.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sleeper #5

The Sleeper #5 2013
8" x 16"
August 2013
Oil on board
   I can finally say that I'm a busy artist. My professional website should be up by the end of this month. I am busy painting. I am going to a local model session every Saturday that I am honored to be apart of, it is giving me the energy and encouragement to grab hold of my career by the horns and pushes my skills and work further each week. Practice does make perfect. It also helps that I love and I am passionate about what I do. I feel so fortunate.
  The absolute cherry to top things off is that I am signed up to attend the Portrait Society of America's Conference in Washington this upcoming spring and then skipping up to New York City to tour the galleries. It is absolutely a dream come true!
   In the process of taking my career by the horns I am also delegating so that I can paint more. It has been a wise and successful choice and I can already see the blossoms coming to bloom and I know that there will be fruit from my decisions soon.
  I look forward to photographing and posting my recent work that I have just finished and a selection of the drawings from my Saturday figurative drawing sessions.
Thank you world and all the beautiful people in it!