Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aesthetics: Portrait of Rachelle the Aesthetician

Aesthetics: Portrait of Rachelle the Aesthetician
16" x 20"
February 2013
Oil on canvas
   I was searching on my blog for this painting so I could show it to someone and came to discover I had not posted it. So I figure it is better later than never. This is a portrait that I submitted to the Kingston Portrait Prize. It did not get chosen. But it was a great experience none-the-less. It is of, as the title describes, of Rachelle an Aesthetician who's tropical ocean blue eyes were inspiring and mesmerizing. Rachelle's physical features are quite unique and to capture them along with trying to convey a bit of her personality and inner spirit was an enjoyable experience. It is often the subject matter that drives me to fore fill paintings to their completion, the molding, pulling and seeing some aspects of the figures spirit in likeness starting to emerge from the canvas.
   I often can't wait to get into the studio. I end up checking up on my paintings in the studio. My family must think I'm a bit off my rocker, though they never question my odd behavior, as I sneak down to take a glance and another and another on the same painting as if waiting for it to change or paint itself. The truth is, that all these little glances I steal, I often see something new that I didn't notice before. I get so close to the paint and the surface while painting that sometimes I need distance and quick glances in order to see it as other's may see it.