Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Show at the Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery Nov.4 2010 to Jan.6 2011

Poppies in a Blue Vase
October 24, 2010
30" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

I invite everyone to attend the Opening Reception to my art show at the Dining Room Art Gallery at the Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery in Stony Plain on November 7, 2010 from 1:00pm - 3:30pm.
The show will be running from Nov.4, 2010 to Jan. 6, 2011 and is featuring my still life work.
I hope you can attend.

The past two years have been the most difficult yet rewarding years of my life. It has pushed my art forward in the most satisfying way and has given me the courage it takes to be an artist. I can be a lonely painter in my basement but it is a whole different thing to be an artist and show your work. I would like to take a few lines to thank everyone for their encouraging support.  Being a practicing artist is no easy task and takes a lot of self discipline. Everyone's kind words, interest, and support brings me to tears of joy. I love what I do and when I see the positive effect it has on others it helps to continue on. A special thank you to my family and close friends that often get sucked in as models and are my inspiration, my paintings would be nothing without you.   -Daphne

Sleeping in Soft Light

The Sleeper #1
24" x 30"
October 28, 2010
Oil on Canvas
$700.00 CAN

   I have wanted to do a painting of a person sleeping in bed for a while now and finally had the perfect opportunity to gain some reference material.  No one in my life seems to be safe from my artistic endeavors. There is just no escaping it. I am influenced by life and light around me. The light was perfect the morning that I came upon this scene. There was cool light coming through the blinds after a snow fall and I had a small side lamp casting warm light. When I downloaded the images they were extremely dark, and while beefing up the light it distorted the image and made it incredibly grainy which was perfect for painting from because it forced me to get over small details and gave me the freedom to make it my own. Those are the best types of reference photos. They encourage a painting instead of dictate it. Which is what reference material should do. In the end no one really sees the reference material only the finished work.
I am up early this morning writing this before anyone else is up in the house, trying to work in peace. It's hard because the above is my bed and I want to crawl back in.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Comfortably Posing on a Red Chair

Comfortably Posing on a Red Chair
October 24, 2010
18" x 24"
Oil on Canvas
$400.00 CAN

    You may remember seeing a painting like this one in one of my previous posts from Red Deer. I started this painting by working from a live model and then completed it in my studio. It was a very interesting pose and the costume was incredible. Not something I usually do, but a very good exercise to challenge my skills.